White heather or simply heather (Erica arborea) is a ramified and upright bush, that measures between 1 – 4 m tall, though sometimes heather becomes in a small tree that grow up to 7 metres in western Andalusia and they could grow up to 20 metres in Canaries Islands.

Their resistance to drought, invading power, break out again from trunks, etc., give to heather an important part in rural economy, grounds formation, etc.

Heather have many applications in popular medicine and his wood is used to make craft tools.




Esparto is the known name in Spain of grass fibres obtained from many wild plants from Grass (Gramineae) group. Esparto’s manufacture has been an important part of economy from many Spanish towns which make esparto in craft way ropes, rope-soled sandals, baskets and sunshades among else.

On a construction-wide basis, esparto used to reinforce plaster and give a big resistance to traction.

Esparto is the popular name which people know esparto properly or “atocha” (Stipa tenacissima), coarse esparto and Aragon’s esparto or “albardín” ( Lygeum spartum) . Their natural formations are called espartales, atochares and albardinales respectively.

Both of them belongs to steppe environments typical vegetation.




The rush of mats or fine rush (Juncus effusus), is a soft fiber species, is used to weave the Japanese carpets denominated "tatami", so that its culture, along with the one of the rice, is of most important of Japan.

 In Spain, it lives in humid prairies on deep schistose grounds in the high and average zone of Sierra Nevada, although also he is frequent to find it next to pools, shores of rivers and lagoons and in humid zones. This one and other similar species are also used to weave chairs, baskets and of course, parasols, thanks to the flexibility of their stems.